Returning resources to our operations 

A Commitment to Sustainability

Recycling customer, industry, and in-house scrap titanium material

Perryman Company understands mitigating our impact on the environment and improving operational efficiency is good business. It's also the right thing to do.

We capture and recycle nearly 95% of the byproduct and turnings from our internally processed semi-finished and finished titanium materials, actively collect clean titanium from participating customers, and purchase recycled titanium from approved sources as an additional source of raw material feedstock. These materials are reintroduced into our melting practice as a part of our fully-integrated process.

Less waste and greater utilization of recycled materials increases our efficiency, decreases product cost, and reduces our effect on the environment.


Water treatment

The water used in our recycling process is collected, treated, and reintroduced into our operational facilities. Internally recycling waste water ensures Perryman does not contaminate public water.


Vacuum melting processes 

Our titanium is double melted through Electron Cold Hearth Melting (EB) and Vacuum Arc Remelt (VAR) technologies, which optimizes management of raw materials.

Because they are under vacuum, Perryman’s melting process releases zero emissions or contaminates.

Induction Heating

We prepare titanium material for processing through induction heating, which produces zero carbon emissions. 

Unlike the traditional gas furnaces method, which is typically always running and produces a carbon footprint, our technique only uses power for induction heating as needed, which means no wasted energy or natural resources.

Paperless culture

Perryman has embraced an ongoing paperless initiative that utilizes state-of-the-art computer software for bar coding, material testing and tracking, and internal electronic file sharing. 

Not only do these systems reduce paper waste, they also provide tremendous efficiencies in communication, accuracy, and decision-making.

Used paper and metals recycling

Perryman collects materials that we are unable to recycle internally, such as paper, cardboard, and metals used in office environments as well as manufacturing facilities, and sends them to recycling companies.

We have established specific sustainability targets which may be reviewed during authorized onsite audits and customer visits or requests.

Progress Measures

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